Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chaz Baca Sr (Sport) & Kyler Repella (Pro) head into the Final League race in the Points lead

These are the League points going into the Final without/with drop.
                                                                      Scott Swayzee
                                           Ariel Rubio                                 Chaz Baca Sr


Sport League:


Chaz Baca Sr…259/219

Ariel Rubio…254/215

Scott Swayzee…246/211

Nick Evans…227/195

Frank Dusanek…226/192

Will Shurtleff…224/192

John Moldt…208/208

Craig Moore…199/171

Chris Webb…189/162

Dawn Sharp…169/146

Greg Gillum…150/150

Michael Bryant…113/113

Preston Sass…10/110

Matthew Bryant…93/93


Top 7 are within striking distance of each other to make this Sport league season one of closest points battles going into the Finale’.

Will Scott Swayzee continue his rapid ascent to the top of the leader board and secure another podium finish?

Will Nick Evans finally catch a break with kart draw and no flat tires?

John Moldt has eye of the tiger and his sights set on a top 3 overall finish. His Final race points count big time. He drops his missed race aka “0” points.

Frank Dusanek & Will Shurtleff, tied with 192 points will make every effort to stay in close proximity to each other. Remember Frank, Will has the camera rolling.


Pro League:
                                                                        Chaz Baca Jr
                                              Kyler Repella                             Steve Lattanzi


Kyler Repella…263/221

Chaz Baca Jr…257/221

Steve Lattanzi…237/205

Cody Gutierrez…210/182

Charles Crowe…204/176

Keith Sears…204/177

Brian Landry…192/163

Chris Wynne…177/177

Don Angel…164/164

Josh Lambeth…161/161

Mike McClaran…146/146

Eric Dickinson…94/94


Kyler Repella will need to keep his arch rival and defending Pro League Champion (9 times), Chaz Baca Jr, behind him to capture his first Pro League Championship. Both of these young hot shoes are tied in points after the drop with 221 points. Both are smart, fast drivers and I expect the battle to last until the very last lap of the Main race. Steve Lattanzi looks to have 3rd overall locked up, but…..anything could happen with some creative math.

The real points shakeout will happen for 4th place overall between Cody Gutierrez, Charles Crowe, Keith Sears and Chris Wynne. Cody is rumored to have to work and miss the Final race and Chris drops a zero. Hold onto your hats and place your bets. My moneys on………one of them.


What an incredible 2013 Winter Sport/Pro League it’s been and I’m sad to see it come to an end but, ”Without Change There Can be No Progress”

I wish to THANK all the indoor kart racers for their season long commitment and for taking the time and resources to compete at the best Indoor Kart facility in the USA…Octane Raceway.


Sat. March 23rd is the scheduled date for The Last Enduro.

The Final Gas Indoor Kart Endurance Race @ Octane Raceway-Phoenix.

½ Mile GP Track…c/w & c/c/w

9am to 11am

Teams of up to 2 racers.

20 Team Cap.

Weight equalized.

Entry per team is $150.00 with tax.

Trophy’s & Gift cards awarded to the top 3.


Til we meet again,


Keep the Rubberside Down,


Steve "Kandyman" Lattanzi

Competition Director

Lead Instructor for the Raceology 101 Jr Kart Racing School

317 S. 48th Street  .  Phoenix, AZ  85034

(d) 602-427-4416 / 602-321-2035(m)

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chaz Baca Sr Wins Sport League race #4 & Kyler Repella scores a Victory in the Pro League race

Just when you thought the Sport/Pro leagues at Octane Raceway couldn’t get any better, it does. Tuesday night, Jan. 29 saw some of the best lap to lap and nose to tail racing within the hallowed walls of the best Indoor Kart Racing venue in the country.


Fast indoor/outdoor racers from as far away as Utah were in the House of Speed. Jeff Saiani is in town from Utah to supplement his Air Force income by working at the Waste Management Open Golf Tournament.

Stay away, far away, from the lime slicer this year Jeff or we be forced to change your race name to Nine Fingers. Jeff made the Pro league “A” Main by qualifying and finishing 2nd in the Group 1 Qualifier/Heat. Looks like even away for more than a year Jeff still has what it takes to be at the front of a Pro league race. His 5th place finish in the Pro league “A” Main is not a true representation of his talent at the wheel, as he obviously pointed by the racers still in the hunt for fame and fortune in the 7 race series. This was a one shot deal for him and he did not want to skew the overall points battle. Now that’s good sportsmanship and is a very big reason Jeff Saiani is my 1st choice when putting together Team Titanium. Jeff will be competing in the epic event of the year, The Grand Nationals, at CalSpeed Karting Center in Fontana, CA, June 21-23, 2013.


Also in attendance and showing off his prowess behind the wheel was Steven Jasinski, of SoCal and a regular top 5 finisher at most CalSpeed events, who was in town on business and not only competed in the Sport league from 6pm to 8pm, but had the energy to enter and compete in the Pro league from 8pm to 10pm. WOW!!!  I hear that once he spotted the bottomless candy bowl that made its overdue return to the Kandyman table, it gave him the energy he needed to do both leagues. His lap total for the night was around 115. Sport results for Steven were Qualifier (4th)…Heat (3rd)… “A” Main (10th). Pro league results were Qualifier & Heat (7th)…”B” Main 96th) or 12th overall for the night. Awesome results from both indoor/outdoor karting aficionados who have never run Track 2 c/c/w. Steven J will also be competing in the “Grand nationals come June and Jeff, Steven and yours truly will be pitted against each other for the “Masters Crown”. Now if the organizers would only up the age of “Masters” entry to say 57 I could get these two underage “Masters” off my back.


Some local new racers were signed up to give this try before seasons end. One of the Pro league entrants is an instructor at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. His name is Chris Siedentop and his skills teaching people to navigate streets and racetracks countrywide at speed in a 3,000 lb automobile transferred quite well into a 300 lb indoor race kart. On the very first lap of our Heat he went from 4th to 3rd and pulled away even though this was his very first time racing on Track 2 c/c/w and with weight added to get him to the 200# weight equalization weight. I chased hot shoe Chris lap after lap and finally made a questionable pass on him in the one corner he was leaving a little too much room in. It was the white flag lap and it was now or never. Chris’s lock on a 3rd place finish which would have placed him the Pro “A” Main, came undone and he finished a very respectable 5th in the Heat. Put him into the “B” Main and by the end of the Main finished up 7th and 13th overall for the night. Excellent driving by Chris and if and when he returns will be threat to the top racers in short order. Smooth driver. Side note… both Chris and I had the same kart in our respective Finals and both of us will agree it was not a contender for a great finish.


Sport League:

In the Sport league race #4 we had father/son entries of Lee/Tucker Elingburg, Chris Webb/Preston Sass and Michael/Matthew Bryant. The Bryant’s are the week to week father/son racers and it’s fun to watch and see who has bragging rights by night’s end. Always got to be careful of beating your main money sponsor. Clean passes and no bumping are minimum requirements to assure a ride home after the races.

On this night it was Tucker by one spot over Lee, Chris three spots ahead of Preston and Matthew one spot ahead of Michael. A misunderstanding about the weight rule penalized both Tucker and Preston and sent them both out of the Sport “A” Main and into the “B” Main. I bet they both won’t make that mistake again. Silver lining is some racers got to move up. More were happy than sad. One new racer learned all about the dreaded Black Flag this night out. Newcomer but very competent racer, Eric Ferreira, with a cool white helmet got to visit the pit lane during his group Heat so it was not his finest moment but vows to return and make good and play nice.

 Want to welcome comrade, how you say, Volodymyr Stokolosa, to the Sport league. Good to see the Cold War is dead and we can kart race as one global community. Another round of Vodka to celebrate!


Chaz Baca Sr continues to add wins to his name by winning his Heat and the Sport “A” Main. Top 5 starting order finished the same way. He now leads the overall point’s race by 10 over Ariel Rubio who went Black Flag free this week and finished 2nd overall for the night which also keeps him in 2nd place in overall points over Scott Swayzee. Ariel did win his group Heat and add to his point’s total.

Dawn Sharp started from Pole in the “B” Main but fell thru the field with a kart that decided to hiccup thru the corners with an engine misfire. Dawn has improved week after week and just needs a bit of good luck to take her rightful place among the leaders.

Congrats to Frank Dusanek for taking a win in the “B” Main over Eric Ferreira and earn the reward of racing in the “A” Main from the tail end of the field, where he finished 7th overall. Eric was running down Frank and just ran out of laps to make the win a reality.


There was so much good tight racing all night long you really needed to be there to witness it all in its glory. So much so, that I gave up taking notes and just enjoyed the moment.

Want to experience it for yourself? We do it all again starting at 6pm next Tuesday, Feb. 5th, with Sport league check in by 6pm. Racing by 6:15. Track 1…c/w for the Q/Ht and c/c/w for the Main.

Lots of laps (70) for very little money ($40.00)

It’s the most fun you can have with your helmet on!


Don’t forget these famous words:

If You’re Late, You have to Spectate!

No fun in that….


Top 10 Race #4 of 7 with Overall Points Totals:


Chaz Baca Sr…175

Ariel Rubio…165

John Moldt…129 (missed 1 race)

Scott Swayzee…160

Wil Shurtleff…151

Craig Moore…132

Frank Dusanek…148

Nick Evans…154

Greg Gillum…96 (missed 1 race)

Steven Jasinski (only 1 race)


Pro League:


How do you top the great racing that the Sport leaguers did? Hard to do but the Pro leaguers manage to take it to the next level week in and week out.

Never mind that the runaway points train owned by the CBacaJr/KRepella railroad has left the station and is picking up speed.

Good racing is good racing and if you are standing on the sidelines you are missing an action packed night of side by side and bumper to bumper battles for position.


The usual cast of fast showed up and with the addition of Jeff Saiani, Steven Jasinski and Chris Siedentop it made for a night of coulda/woulda/shoulda.

I coulda had a V8. I woulda had a V8 and I shoulda had a V8!!! I wonder if a V8 would even fit on this kart. Handling might become an issue and I’m not too sure about the brakes.

Brakes? There’s brakes on these karts? Now you tell me! So that’s what that red pedal is. I thought it was a rest zone for your left foot.


Group 1 Heat won by Kyler Repella with Jeff Saiani P2 and Josh Lambeth showing up to take 3rd.

Group 2 Heat won by Chaz Baca Jr with Cody Gutierrez P2 and Steve Lattanzi making a last lap pass on Chris S to take 3rd.


The Mains are set. “B” Main has Don Angel on pole and no less than six racers wanting that coveted position by race end to advance into the “A” Main. Green flag goes a waving and for the next 35 laps we see the entire field of karts swapping spots and each taking a shot at the leader, who by now is hanging on by the slimmest of margins. The biggest threat comes from Keith Sears who started the race in 5th place and has rapidly come thru the field and parked himself on the rear bumper of Angel. Lap after lap Sears attempts to move on Don Angel but never has a big enough head of steam to get by. Keith makes a mistake and with everyone running that close, Charles Crowe takes his turn at trying to get by Angel. Didn’t happen and now Keith is back to try again. Is that water pouring off Angels kart? No, it’s him sweating profusely as he holds off the faster but can’t get by without wrecking, Sears. Don Angel is happy…happy…happy to see the white then checkered flag and he is still in the lead position. Did I mention how happy Don was that it was over and he now gets to run in the Pro “A” Main. Hmmm, I guess I did. A total of 6 seconds separated the “B” Main racers. The average times over 35 laps ranged from 28.617 to 28.766. Now that’s close and a race worthy of applause. Standing ovation. Bravo!! More…More.


How is the Pro “A” Main going to top that?  With Chaz Baca Jr and Kyler Repella starting 1 & 2 and with the always fast Jeff Saiani right there with pockets bulging of cash and promises of unlimited Bud Lites paid for by 3rd place in overall points Lattanzi. Ooops, did I just write that? Where the heck is that delete button?

Baca & Repella take off and create a two man race with Kyler just waiting to make his move at just the right moment. Do it too soon and Baca Jr seems to get faster and he never lets you go very far before he gets the position back. Repella knows this and has a plan.

Meanwhile the rest of the field is settling into groups. One group of 3 has Jeff Saiani, Cody Gutierrez and Josh Lambeth having fun and losing ground to the leaders as they race for the last podium step of 3rd place, unless the leaders take each other out which up to now has not happened..ever. Both are smart racers not willing to take that chance. At the back of the pack and running solo/solo are Steve Lattanzi and “B” Main winner Don Angel. Lattanzi made an early 1st lap move on Lambeth but couldn’t hold the position and fell back. Angel eventually gets by Lattanzi rather easily and with one wave of his yellow glove is off to find someone more challenging to race with. When you run by yourself as Lattanzi did your mind or what’s left of it tends to wander. Did I shut off the stove before I left the house and do I need to pick up any more creamer on the way home tonight for my coffee in the morning to name a few things of utmost importance while traveling at 35mph in a building with tall hard steel girders every 10 feet. What? Me worry?


Remember that move I wrote about earlier well it happened on the last turn of the last lap and Kyler Repella’s plan of late race attack and pass worked and Baca Jr had no time or track left to get it back.

Kyler wins this one and brings his overall points score to within 1 point of the 9 time defending league Champion Chaz Baca Jr. Can the friendship survive this and will Repella finally break the long standing record of 9 Pro league Championships in a row. Only time will tell and there are 3 Pro league races remaining with one race being dropped at season’s end to declare a Pro League Champion of the last Pro league to be had at the current location and with the gas powered Sodi karts.


Top 10 Finish Order for Race #4 of 7 & Overall Points:


Kyler Repella…175

Chaz Baca Jr…176

Josh Lambeth…118 (missed 1 race)

Cody Gutierrez…141

Jeff Saiani…40 (only 1 race)

Don Angel…102 (missed 1 race)

Steve Lattanzi…164

Keith Sears…125

Charles Crowe…141

Eric Dickinson…54 (missed 2 races)



Next Sport/Pro League race is Tuesday Feb.5th.

Race #5 of 7… Track 1

Sport…6pm to 8pm

Pro…8pm to 10pm

$40.00 and a positive attitude is all you need.


Thanks to all of the racers and their parents, fans, sponsors for taking the time, energy and resources to make this the best indoor Sport/Pro league in the country.

At one of the Premier Indoor Kart Racing venues in the country…Octane Raceway!


Once again Thank You all !! Without you it’s just a big red/black/white building with karts parked on a track inside.



Keep the Rubberside Down,


Steve "Kandyman" Lattanzi

Competition Director

Lead Instructor for the Raceology 101 Jr Kart Racing School

317 S. 48th Street  .  Phoenix, AZ  85034

(d) 602-427-4416 / 602-321-2035(m)

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Scott Swayzee takes WIN in Sport...Chaz Baca Jr takes WIN in Pro League Jan. 22, 2013

 Sport League:

For those of you who decided to sit this one out Race #3 of the Winter Sport/Pro league on Tuesday Jan. 22nd was one that saw at least one shake up at the top of the Sport league and Scott Swayzee earning the #1 spot on the podium which he earned by not only winning his Heat but by playing it smart and having 2nd thru 5th battle it out lap after lap and coming to the finish line as a four pack, side by side, nose to tail and tires crying uncle.

Another stand out driver, Will Shurtleff took the pole position in his Heat and won it. Started the Sport “A” Main from P2.  An excellent Heat and “A” Main finish propels Will closer to the top of the overall points sheet.  Overall Sport league points leader Chaz Baca Sr had to overcome a 4th place finish in his Heat which placed him starting the “A” Main from 7th place.  Baca Sr was in the mix at the end but could only manage a 3rd place finish but happy to continue his podium picture modeling career.

John Moldt, who’s new nickname will be Mr. Ta-Two. Two second place finishes for the night has him climbing the overall points sheet. John missed the first race of the season but will get to drop zero points at series end. Risk is, with another miss or an off night of racing will stymie his chances to collect a top three trophy and all the millions of dollars that go with it.

Ariel Rubio had a Main race he would just soon forget. A hard hit contact incident brought out the dreaded Black Flag, dropped him to 8th, but he put his head down and ended up crossing the start/finish line in 5th. Fine line between hard, fast close racing and being too aggressive and that line was crossed and the penalty was issued without hesitation even though Rubio didn’t agree. Why would he, nobody does!!!

Nick Evans also struggled on this night and had to start the Sport “B” Main from pole. Going into Race #3 in 2nd in overall points he now sits 3rd overall right behind Ariel Rubio by 1 point! Couldn’t hold off Chris Webb, who won the “B” Main. Winning the “B” Main pays a bonus of getting to start from the back of the “A” Main which Chris was happy to do and finished his night of league racing in 7th place. He is not one of the weight equalized to 200# racers but pound for pound one of the best “over 200#” racers to ever shoehorn himself into a kart.

Congratulations to Scott Swayzee for the first of many wins to come.

Finish Order with Overall Points going into Race #4:

Scott Swayzee…119

John Moldt…87 (missed 1 race)

Chaz Baca Sr…130

Will Shurtleff…112

Ariel Rubio…121

Frank Dusanek…114

Chris Webb…99

Craig Moore…95

Nick Evans…120

Dawn Sharp…81

Steve Nowland…30 (missed 2 races)

Greg Gillum…62 (missed 1 race)

Ryan Corn…73

Preston Sass…45 (missed 1 race)

Next Sport League Race is Tuesday Jan. 29th. Check in by 6pm… racing by 6:15. All are Welcome!!!

Pro League:

The fun continues with the Pro leaguers who put on a good show competing against each other who just so happen to be the best of the best that Octane Raceway has to offer.

We raced as one with eleven racers biting at the bit to score optimum points to add to their season totals. Racing as one group assures everyone will be in the Pro League “A” Main.  Track 1 c/c /w for the Qualifier/Heat was won by surprise, surprise Chaz Baca Jr. Steve Lattanzi qualified 2nd but could not hold off Kyler Repella who has entered Chaz Baca Jr winning world big time. Coincidently the top 4 going into the “A” Main are also the top 4 in overall points. Less than .5 seconds separated the #1 spot of Baca Jr, from the #11 spot occupied by Team Titanium member, Keith Sears.

Some of the best lap times were incredibly close but had little bearing on the position Heat race Josh Lambeth…22.001 Chaz Baca Jr…22.002, Steve Lattanzi…22.003. WOW!!! Kyler had fast time with a 21.876.

Green flag sets the field in motion and looks like Chaz & Kyler are in cahoots as they pull away from the rest of the field with Kyler inches away from Baca’s rear bumper but not making any attempt to pass. Lattanzi was hoping for a move from Kyler but it never happened and Lattanzi spent most of the race running lone with the rest of the field losing ground. Chris Wynne had a great start but then mysteriously pulled off track with what he thought was a flat tire. Upon checking the ill handling kart for evidence of a flat tire, none was found to be at a loss of any air. Somebody must have spiked the extra large soda Chris consumed prior to the race.  This will not end the points race with Chris still in the hunt for a trophy to the top 3 of the season. He currently sits 19 points out of 3rd and one point ahead of Charles Crowe who is in 5th.

Lap traffic scrambled the end of the race and the track marshals had their flags full keeping the leaders with clear track and back marker passing under blue flag conditions. Not much drama to report at the conclusion of the Pro Main. We may have to take a vote to see about putting extra weight on the young hotshots, Chaz Baca Jr and Kyler Repella. I say we add another 50# to their karts. Seems only fair.

Pro League Finish Order with Overall Season Points:

Chaz Baca Jr…132

Kyler Repella…130

Steve Lattanzi…127

Josh Lambeth…77 (missed 1 race)

Charles Crowe…107

Don Angel…65 (missed 1 race)

Cody Gutierrez…100

Brian Landry…96

Keith Sears…92

Mike McClaran…69 (missed 1 race)

Chris Wynne…108

We do this all again Tuesday Jan. 29th. Check in by 7:45…Racing by 8pm.

Late = Spectate!!!

Keep the Rubberside Down,

Steve "Kandyman" Lattanzi

Competition Director

Lead Instructor for the Raceology 101 Jr Kart Racing School

317 S. 48th Street  .  Phoenix, AZ  85034

(d) 602-427-4416 / 602-321-2035(m)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Raceology 101 Class Jan. 19, 2013

Eleven Jr Racers from all over metro Phoenix and beyond signed up to participate in the best Jr kart racing class there is in the state of AZ. In the two hours the students are at Octane Raceway they go from," what's a green flag mean", to full on racing in a twenty lap Main race with each other. Their confidence soars and whether they come in first, last or somewhere in between they all have taken their skill level behind the wheel of a Jr Sodi race kart to another level.

Todays class was a way for one Jr racer to celebrate his birthday with his brother and four friends.
Happy birthday Niko Cocuzza aka xBOSSOLICIOUSx.
 I'm sure it's a birthday you won't soon forget.

The twenty lap Main was won by Jake Dahlquist (Gold Eagle) even though fast time was set by EternalG1ory (Ethan Peters)  with a best lap time of 28.889. Colin Cocuzza (Lionheartcuzz) took the last spot on the podium.
 Congratulations to all the new Jr racers that now have a years worth of Octane Raceway membership, a membership "T" shirt and key chain. This was the largest single graduating class to date. Awesome way to start your day.

Raceology 101...Jan. 19, 2013... Main Race Finish order:

1:Jake Dahlquist
2: Ethan Peters
3: Colin Cocuzza
4: Sam Dahlquist
5:Niko Cocuzza
6: Dogger Man
7: Swagger Time
8:Mason Stutesman
9: Josh Fiorella
10: Noah LaRocca
11: Racer X

Keep the Rubberside Down,

Steve "Kandyman" Lattanzi
Lead Instructor Raceology 101
Competition Director/League Racer


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Sport League Race #2...Jan. 15, 2013

Winter Sport League Race #2
Jan. 15, 2013
Chaz Baca Sr
John Moldt
Nick Evans

Pro League Race #2... Top 3... Jan. 15, 2013

2012 Winter Pro League Race #2
Jan. 15, 2013
Chaz Baca Jr
Kyler Repella
Steve Lattanzi


Father/Son Baca take wins in the Sport & Pro Leagues

So where do you find all the fast indoor kart racing hot shoes going on Tuesday night? Why Octane Raceway is where you will find 30 or more of the best Sport/Pro league competitors having fun and talking smack before, during and after the racing. Yes, I said during because you know it and I know it, there is a lot of talking into your helmet either congratulating yourself or berating yourself for a good kart/turn/pass, etc or in some cases a not so good kart/turn/pass, etc. I know I’m not the only one that does it. I used to hold my breath but I became woozy after a very short time and not doctor recommended. Last night was no different as I had to keep no less than four (4) Pro leaguers at bay and keep them from my coveted 3rd Place podium finish. Wasn’t easy with top notch racers like Kyle Hathcox, Chris Wynne, Mike McClaran, Cody Gutierrez and Keith Sears biting at the bit and wanting their picture taken on the podium.

The Chaz Baca Jr/Kyler Repella Show is in High Definition (HD) mode and pulled away to an easy 1..2 finish. I will be outfitting my helmet with binoculars so I can still see them as they race off into the sunset. Kyler and Chaz are now tied for 1st place with 87 points after two (2) of the seven (7) Pro league races in the record books. Steve Lattanzi has managed to score enough points (86) to stay in the hunt for the fame and fortune that comes with a Pro League Championship.

Octane Raceway has given the OK to expand the Sport/Pro league series from five (5) races to seven (7). The added dates are Tuesday Jan. 29th and Tuesday Feb. 5th. Sport…from 6pm to 8pm and the Pro…from 8pm to 10pm. $40.00 is the total price per race night which includes a Qualifier/Heat and Main for each competitor. Up to 2 groups of 14 for Sport league and the same for the Pro league. Online sign ups are highly recommended to reserve your spot.


Sport League:


Twenty one (21) Sport league racers signed on for Race #2 of 7. Nick Evans set fast time Group 1 qualifier to start from the pole position in his 20 lap Heat over John Moldt and Will Shurtleff. Twenty laps later we have John Moldt taking the win over Nick Evans and Will  Shurtleff holding on for a 3rd place finish.

Group 2 see’s a comeback regular racer by the name of Chris Webb take the pole for his Heat and Frank Dusanek starting from P2. Chaz Baca Sr starts from P3 and is not familiar with having so many karts in front of him. Ariel Rubio is right on his bumper and these two will have to work as a team to make a run at the top. Chaz Baca Sr makes an early move by Frank and then squeezes by Chris for 1st and then proceeds to pull away. Chris Webb falls to 4th by race end Ariel Rubio moves into 3rd and Frank reels Baca in but runs out of laps. He finishes 2nd.


The 25 lap Mains are now set and on pole for the “B” Main is the youngest member of the Sport leaguers, Matthew Bryant. Right on his bumper starting P2 is Greg Gillum who travels all the way from Prescott every week to compete. Matthew holds on for about 5 laps and with one misstep Greg gets by and waves goodbye. Craig Moore with his Unabomber weight vest also gets by Matthew to try and chase down Gillum. Wasn’t to be this week. Greg takes the Checkers first and now gets to race from the tail end of the Sport league “A” Main.

Chaz Baca Sr is back in his pole position comfort zone and with no one to block his view and one of his favorite karts as his trusty steed he races to another win over John Moldt who was .5 seconds off his rear bumper at the end. Nick Evans came from a 4th place starting position to finish 3rd and revisits the podium once again. Two for two for the comeback kid who has stepped up his indoor kart racing game. He currently sits only 4 points away from 1st place Baca Sr in the Sport league overall points battle.


Top 10 in Overall Points:


Chaz Baca Sr…90

Nick Evans…86

Ariel Rubio…82

Frank Dusanek…75

Scott Swayzee…74

Will Shurtleff…70

Chris Webb…64

Craig Moore…59

Jerry Hale…51

Dawn Sharp…50


Congratulations to Chaz Baca Sr…John Moldt…Nick Evans. Top 3 in the Sport “A” Main.

And to Greg Gillum for winning the “B” Main and going the distance in the 30 lap “A” Main.

No dreaded Black Flags were thrown so it was a great night for all.


Pro League:


The Pro league is so much easier to remember. Chaz Baca Jr wins again…Kyler Repella 2nd and Steve Lattanzi 3rd. End of story, case closed!

Hey not so fast, even though that was the “A” Main finish order in the Pro League.

But Wait, There’s More!


Group 1 has Steve Lattanzi set fast time and take pole for his Heat which he ended up winning over Chris Wynne and Mike McClaran.

The Heat race did not go so well for Philip Schroeder and Carlos Carneiro who made contact with each other. Carlos decided to pull out of the Heat with 11 laps left and regroup for the “B” Main. Philip stayed on track knowing that a “B” Main was in his immediate future.


Group 2 was an epic battle between Chaz Baca Jr and Kyle Hathcox. Baca Jr took the pole by a slim margin over Hathcox and for the entire 20 lap Heat race Kyle never let  Baca Jr slip away. Lap after lap and with the laps counting down Hathcox gets by Baca Jr but Baca Jr fight s aback and gets the position back to take the win. It was the best no contact performance so far this season. Kyler Repella had qualified third and was biding his time during the Heat and hoping that Baca Jr& Hathcox would take each other rout or slow each other up so that he could catch and pass them. Didn’t happen, but exciting to watch none the less.


“B” Main has Keith Sears on pole and hungry for a win that will reward him with a move up into the Pro “A” Main. Returning regular Eric Dickinson who took a self imposed year off from competition was back to make Keith work for that win. By race end it was all Keith Sears and into the “A” Main he goes.

Meanwhile, Carlos and Philip, remember them?, are getting together again but this time they are both nose into the wall and need track marshal assistance to continue.

 They both finished 1 lap down to the leaders and let’s just say not big fans of each other’s driving style. Come on boys, kiss and make up. It’s supposed to be fun …remember? Just for the record C.C. has a very aggressive and unique driving style that can be very scary to watch, never mind race around. Enough said.

“A”Main has Chaz Baca Jr starting from, dare I say it,  pole with Steve Lattanzi nervously sandwiched between Baca Jr and Kyle Hathcox. That and Chris Wynne is now going to try and hold off points leader Kyler Repella who wants to get to the front by way of express bus. The laps click by with Baca Jr stepping away and one by one each other racer taking a turn at getting by Lattanzi, who is quick in a straight line but struggles with a sliding kart at every turn.

Kyler gets by once but not as clean as he should. Gives the spot back and gets by cleanly the second time. Color him gone; trying to catch his mentor Baca Jr who now has a lead he will not give up unless 4 flat tires or a blown engine put him down and out. We can hope can’t we?

The race ends after 35 laps and not a moment too soon for Lattanzi who managed to hold off the fast ones behind him and claim the 3rd step of the podium. Two podium finishes in two races, so far so good. But, I only have so much luck stockpiled and it’s getting low.


Top 10 in Overall Points:


Kyler Repella…87

Chaz Baca Jr…87

Steve Lattanzi…86

Chris Wynne…76

Charles Crowe…72

Cody Gutierrez…69

Brian Landry…67

Keith Sears…65

Kyle Hathcox…41

Josh Lambeth…39


So far it’s been a great Sport/Pro league season and will prove to be one of the best leagues to date prior to the move to the new location with the new Sodi RTX Electric karts. The league racers have been invited to test the new Sodi RTX karts when they arrive and I’m sure they will come away positively charged up about what the future will hold for competition using the electric karts.  Thank You all for taking the time and resources to compete in the best league series at the best indoor kart facility in the country. It shall continue.


Next race is Race #3 on Track 1, Tuesday Jan. 22nd. Sport  6pm to 8pm…Pro  8pm to 10pm.


Don’t be Late, or You May Have to Spectate!


Keep the Rubberside Down,


Steve "Kandyman" Lattanzi

Competition Director

Lead Instructor for the Raceology 101 Jr Kart Racing School

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